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CCM2 Visualizations

NCAR's Community Climate Model 2 was the precursor to CCM3. Although normally run at T42 resolution, an experimental version for T170 resolution was created with support from the DOE CHAMPP program and Los Alamos National Labs computational systems.

  High-resolution Climate Experiment   CCM2 Global Circulation Simulation at T170 Resolution
NCAR's Community Climate Model (CCM2) is among NCAR's most widely used products, allowing researchers to reconstruct past climates and simulate future ones. Visualizations of high resolution data show the complex global circulation patterns in our atmosphere. This cloud and precipitation simulation covers an entire year.
    CCM2 Cloud Fraction Simulation at T170 Resolution
Large scale stable precipitation (PRECL), cloud fraction, and meridional wind components are visualized using a high-resolution (T170) simulation of the CCM2 model.