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Space Weather Visualizations

    Interplanetary Transient Disturbances caused by a Solar Magnetic Eruption
Solar Magnetic Eruptions (SME), such as Coronal Mass Ejections and Solar Flares, and their impact on Earth's space environment are the target of this Space Weather research.
  Solar Magnetic Flux Tubes   Solar Magnetic Flux Tubes
Solar Magnetic Flux Tubes are magnetic field concentrations near the surface of the sun. Because of their close relation to their much larger cousins, sun spots, they are of great interest to researchers. Volume visualization is used here to study the formation and collapse of the flux tubes as they evolve over time.
    TIDI Measurements of Upper Atmosphere Dynamics
The TIDI instrument collects upper atmosphere wind velocity data as the TIMED satelite orbits the globe. The data shown on the surface of the globe is a hyperslice in time and space depicting upper atmosphere wind speeds.
  Penetrative Turbulent Compressible Convection   Penetrative Turbulent Convection in a Compressible Gas
The outer third of the Sun's radius is convectively unstable. Turbulent motions from this region may penetrate into stable layers below, mixing temperature, momentum and chemicals.
    Pumping of Magnetic Fields by Penetrative Turbulent Convection
This research explores the transport of Magnetic fields on the Solar surface.
    Compressible Convection in an Ionizing Fluid
The sun rings like a bell. By studying the acoustical properties of the sun we tell what the sun is made of.