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Ocean Visualizations

  CFC-11   CFC-11 Deep Ocean Penetration
CFC's are man-made pollutants which are extremely inert in sea water and detectable at very low concentrations. Observation concentrations provide a valuable measure of truth for computer models of ocean circulation, particularly with respect to their representation of deep water pathways.
  Coral Reef   Coral Reef Evolution
Coral reefs are one of nature's most beautiful and rich ecosystems, and rival rainforests in biodiversity. This simulation shows the long-term evolution of a coral reef, starting 21,000 years ago at the end of the last ice age.
    High Resolution, Multi-Century, Coupled Climate Simulation
This animation depicts year 109 from a 155 year climate simulation in which a 0.1 degree ocean and sea-ice model is coupled to a 0.5 degree atmosphere and land model.
  POP   Parallel Ocean Program (POP) Simulation
These animations were produced from POP .1 degree ocean simulation data. Colored bands reveal the stratification of ocean surface temperatures extending from the poles to the Earth's equator. Sea surface temperatures can range from below zero Celsius in the darkest blue areas to over thirty degrees Celsius in the red regions.
    Sea Ice and CO2 Levels
After 140 years of a 1% annual increase in CO2, this simulation shows a dramatic reduction in sea ice thickness at the North Pole. Results for the South Pole are also shown.