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Chromium is a software infrastructure for distributed-rendering. It is largely based on the WireGL project at Stanford University which allows a single application to take advantage of high-speed Server Area Networks (SAN) to perform parallel rendering.

Chromium extends WireGL by enabling multiple applications to submit streams of graphics commands to a single virtual display. This results in rendering rates that scale with the size of the cluster.


Chromium is an open-source project being jointly developed by researchers at Stanford University and the Department of Energy (DOE) labs (Lawrence Livermore, Los Alamos, and Sandia).

NCARís Contribution

NCARís Visualization & Enabling Technologies group has contributed to the design of the configuration management system within Chromium.

The goal was to build a configuration management system that handles job startup and Stream Processing Units (SPU) assignments. The system needed to provide enough flexibility that the user did not need to specify exactly which computers will run which programs, as long as the resulting configuration is legal and meets certain constraints. The user also needed to be able to arbitrarily constrain job creation parameters.

Documentation & Source Code

Visit the Chromium Project site at sourceforge.net for the latest documentation and source code.



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