Tenmillion Triangles Benchmark

The Tenmillion Triangle benchmark measures graphics rendering performance of triangle meshes. This benchmark has been modified from the original SGI Tenmillion Triangle benchmark to support immediate mode rendering. The benchmark is highy-optimized for performance on the SGI Reality Engine architecture and results should be interpreted as the performance never to be exceeded by a real-world application.

The benchmark permits the enabling/disabling of various different primitive attributes (.e.g. anti-aliasing, texture mapping, and  z-buffering). Both immediate mode and display list rendering are supported. Lastly, the area size in pixels of the primitives may be precisely specified.

Rendering is single-buffered and the frame buffer is not cleared after initialization.


Data are completely contrived - a pattern of triangles is repeatedly drawn using the same coordinate positions over and over.


The benchmark is run with a variety of triangle sizes and with numerous permutations of attributed enabled or disabled.

For each experiment, the primitive rate in Megaprimtives/sec is measured.

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