Magic "DMP" Benchmark Results

System Description

Vendor: SGI
Model: Onyx2
Processor: 8x250MHz MIPS R10000 (4MB secondary data/instruction cache)
Memory: 3 GB's
Disk: 18x18GB, striped, dual FC
Graphics: 1xIR2, 1xRM64


DMP Benchmark

Date:    4/5/00
OS:    6.5.7
OGL: 1.1

In the graphics below, the following variables are plotted:

  • InputTime: The time it takes to read image files from disk.
  • DataProcessTime: InputTime plus the time it takes to prepare (format) the data for the OGL API.
  • DisplayTime: The time it take to execute the OGL rendering call
  • RunTime: Total run time for the benchmark



    Figure 1: 320x240.

    Figure 2: 512x384

    Figure 3: 640x480.

    Figure 4: 1024x768.


    The irix implementation of dmp uses double-buffered I/O. Hence the InputTime shown is that time which can not be masked by other processing.

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